Most classical art is intended to evoke an emotional response. Noetic art is intended to evoke an intellectual response - what do you THINK?

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The word "noetic" is based upon the Greek "noos" which refers to the mind. My Noetic Art is intended to stimulate thought, somewhat like a riddle does. These paintings are available for your use, to print out, project for discussion, for personal uplift, and other uses you may envision, as long as they are not changed in content.

There are about 600 to choose from for illustrations which may be used on paper, shirts, cups or other items suitablefor gifts ,or group use such as program covers, book marks etc.

The work was originally inspired by the writings of Teilhard de Chardin and presents many old ideas in a new light. No fee or permission is required to use them without changing them.

- Maryann Shores

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The artist is Maryann Shores (4/16/1922 - 3/10/2012)