Maryann Shores

Comment:"When using 'must' give some indication, "how".
"must"...First of all, "why".There are ethical, spatial, and time-bound actualities on the physical level that have to be dealt with.
More Love is inclusive, an expansion, not a dividing up of the little one has.  Spatially, without  ANY contact, Love evaporates.  Even God found it necessary to express through a body.  Time bound, I am disintegrating.  Some interaction can be developed by mutual attention to controlled expression.  Love requires considered mercy and action by the ordering of spatial facts."Man should not be the creatures of circumstance; circumstances should be the creatures of men" (Carlisle).
The transcendant capacity of humanity makes man "ruler of the Sabbath", of space, and ultimately of time: not limited to human conventions or physical laws(!)   By the direction of the Holy Spirit, able to co-create a higher socially acceptable, functioning obedience to the teaching and example of Jesus, who was sent and empowered to accomplish the evolution of  the human fulfillment of Love's potential.
Therefore scheduling of time for the expression of identity, in the structure provided by God, is a higher good.  How this can be reached demands CONCENTRIC Love of the 0NE "ABOVE ALL, THROUGH ALL, AND IN ALL."  (Eph. 4:6)  Love is more than a general, unspecified good will, although it includes this dimension.  We want to be known.
"Examples of when social interacions were like music".
On the physical level, the marriage and procreation of a family and other  communities, preview what the future requires ,on a higher plane.  As an example,( because we spoke of music) George and Ira Gershwin  were able to produce a universally attainable "product".!  Also the stimulation of Love in literature, medicine , and other technological accomplishments  have blest humanity, for the completing of the unimaginable, total complexity.  We need to practice this Spirit directed Love.
"Is it our sublimated sex drive which transforms us?"
No. The sublimation of our sex drive is  a result, not a cause, of  our transformation.
It will come about in the development of a Holy Spirit permeated society, in the far future.  In the meantime we struggle with the agony and ecstacy of unfinished business, the moving, evolving, present-everlasting life in LOVE.
  Sublimation is the advance from a biolgical to a spiritual satisfaction.  It comes with receiving Light
and Love  in mutual awareness of,  and interaction with,  the SPIRIT.