personal reflection



Written by

Maryann Shores

When I was in Bridgeway, in deep depression, the nurses and doctors kept asking me, “What do you want to do when you get out?”  To begin with, my best answer was, “I want to visit a zoo.”  But it gradually dawned on me that my purpose was to continue doing what I had been doing when I landed in the psychiatric unit.  I had been studying and trying to live perfect Love.  This has been my purpose ever since I was nine years old.  It turned out to be neither simple nor easy!


It has taken me 82 years to understand and practice successfully intense, identifying, inclusive Love.  Without soul-deep Love I had no motivation for anything.  My purpose, now, is to communicate the practice of this realizable Love to all people so that society lives and moves like music on every level.

        The formula for perfect Love must be concentric:  without the holy, wholly ONE Love cannot be sustained.


Sublimation  Of  Sex


Scheduling  Of  Structure


Spirit  Ordered  Symmetry


Salvation  Of  Society


When a society becomes very liberal there is usually a puritanical rebound which produces perversions and atrocities because of repression.  Sublimation is not repression.  Love is the most powerful force in the world drawing and holding all things together.  It becomes short circuited in some way when it is not allowed to express.  The varieties of experience are stages of humanity growing up.


We must raise the mysterious, procreative, spiritual power of sexual Love up into transformed consciousness.  In community and communion with the ONE above all, through all, and in all.  My purpose for life is to find a socially acceptable, ecstatic, and fulfilling Love for each significant other in spiritual rituals and affinity groups, replacing effectively the urge for sexual perversions with a higher, triune SOCIAL STRUCTURE arranged like music.



The solution to many of the social problems of these days (extreme materialism and waste, drug abuse, alcoholism, loneliness, depression and despair) could be found in SCHEDULED AND STRUCTURED time for Love.  We can wait with patience for a certain good to come.  The future of human life on Earth depends upon an advance in human unity. The first step in that direction is to recognize the reality of specific inner affinities:  THAT LOVE IS.  Turn the suffering of separation into anticipation of a scheduled time to come.


The purpose of Love is structure, synthesis, integration, and the functioning of the Universe in harmony and freedom.  But Love cannot be maintained if it is cut off from the holy, wholly ONE.  It is always more or less perverted, abused or distorted when it is controlled by individual will without reference to the whole.  There are four components of the best human Love: the right persons, in the right places at the right times, engaged in the right action and expression.


The future of the planet Earth depends upon a new dynamic social structure, facilitating ever greater research, truth, and technology, motivated by ever increasing Love. 


Buckminster Fuller pointed out that “structure IS triangle”.  “Tensegrity” is the principle of triadic support and structure found physically in the geodesic sphere.  Spiritually, tensegrity is the means of faithfulness to each in inclusive, faceted unions.  We become aware of, and realize, the numinous element of Being, the tremendous mystery beyond the material, two dimensional, flat-land world.  Triune Love in tensegrity becomes a structure like music.  There may be a fibbonic progression of soul-deep bondings in which time does not pass, but accumulates.  Love, like a spreading grass fire, must include new relationships with time, the breath of the Spirit blowing where it will.  It is a living growing reality built on past, eternal associations.  We then become unavoidably aware of being parts of ONE conscious complexity.  The power of this purpose cannot be over estimated.

postscript  to - LOVE, POWER  OF  PURPOSE

Without the holy, wholly ONE soul-deep Love cannot be sustained.  All living things are scheduled and structured by that Spirit.

It has taken me 80+ years to find, understand, and practice successfully this intense, identifying, structured, scheduled, and inclusive Love.

There is a sequence and assimilation in Love which makes our living like music, where every note has its place and identity,  All arranged with the tonic chord of three basic notes, in melodic harmony. 

Jesus said, "I came to cast fire on the Earth." (Luke 12:49)  That fire is Love, arranging new relationships on Earth, treasures in Heaven.