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--for- the weary.. -decisive-hour 01 bread-of-life
3.s.o.s altar logo amor
An -Eternal Spring and-so-creates artist 10
as-the-SON-OF-MAN-comes Ascension A secret
At Gethsemane a we reach a yearnings
be-born-again beyond-sacrifice Birth-of-consciousness
blended blest bonding
calling into-being candle chosen
church window COHESIVE LOVE come-away-to-a-lonely-place
communion consumed consuming fire
corolary creation (2) crossroads
dark-grapes death defined
emerging endless entropy
eternal identity eternal Spirit eternal structure
everlasting-consumation every-word everyone-to-whom-much-is-gi
everything changes Evil evolver
evolving evolving Presence - Copy evolving Presence
expect expecting eye-of-the-forest
eye and leaves eye in seashell Father-I-thank-you
five-sparrows for-when-they-rise Forever
frosty fir trees future-depends-on... He-has-put-the-world-in-our
heart-of-matter Heavenly dove her-sins
Holly holy hand hope
horse on mother earth house of prayer immortality
impossible in-my-Father's-house IN-THE-BEGINNING
inclusive- inclusive incubation
in love interlocked Interlocking
in the shadow of fear Jesus Know the 4 Gospels
Let There Be Light light living in the Light
living love Love-is-a-process love-is-the-spirit
Loved-centered magnetism maintaining-contact
Mary meteor moon
morality More-Being morning
mountain top music nature rules
necessary-woman needed needing Light
new new day new love
new wine no-return Nothing hidden
no yearning ONE-DEDICATED-TO-TRUTH One-who-is-faithful
one body one call one who stays
on fire only-SPIRIT only light
open-mind our-visible-Source parrot
past,present etc. geometric peace peace must be born
perfection perpetual-discovery personality-expands
PLACE Pregnant Primary Mind
prodigal prodigal promise
pulled from above reality reap
recognize resurrection river
roses-- same-force Scambler
Seeing-truth separation single wing
snail sorting source of LOVe
starred in space still-life still shining
sum of sleep the-bread-of-God the-Center
THE-CONSTANT-PRAYER the-gaze-of-love the-Holy-Spirit-is-LOVE
the-maze the-nativity-LIGHT the-soul
the-source THE-WEB The Lord's Prayer
The Mind of God the oceans eye theology logo
the past and future The prophet there-is-one
the resurrection TheStar Thirty three
this is my body This is my body 027 time-clock
Tis a gift touch transflamed
truly-human trusting life truth,-beauty-and-Love
truth turning ucc triune
unavoidably aware under-construction under-water-eye-fish
unseen untitled Vision
waterfall-and-crane what happened when Love dies
whole world why. windows
winter wisdom-is-justified Wise men
within you worship you-can-take-it-with-you-bm
you-will-not-despise You have been you will-know
z-Adam z-Allison z-artist 41
z-bats -and-belfries z-Ben's music z-boulders and sail boat
z-Christmas z-contemplation z-Egypt
z-elf z-GAR digging z-genome result
z-green peace z-Happy z-hot-night-
z-identity z-Lucie z-magic
z-man's imagination z-moths z-Muretta
z-northern lights z-no turtles z-peas
z-Salad z-sea gull z-shower
z-Sunday-Shores z-Timmy z-transparent-grapes
z-unafraid z1-ACROSS THE LEVEE zebra